Ordaōs Opens Lab Space in JLABS@NYC


We are pleased to announce that Ordaōs has opened a lab space at JLABS@NYC as a JLABS resident company to ultimately optimize our R&D efforts and advance our existing capabilities in mini-protein drug design from in silico to in vitro.

This residency represents a significant milestone for Ordaōs as it provides an invaluable support to expedite our research and development programs, expand our technology, and establish our in-house wet lab. Using high throughput data generation, we are able to advance our capabilities from in silico to in vitro allowing us to close our continuous learning loop and feed key learnings back to the Ordaōs Design Engine, expanding our proprietary data and improving the design performance. At our core, we are an asset foundry, and this lab space allows us to accelerate asset development for both our internal and external pipelines using in-house binding and functional assays. Although our approach to drug design is unique to others in the drug discovery space, we validate through the most stringent industry-standards to demonstrate that our proteins have therapeutic value.

The stimulating and cutting-edge environment at JLABS which provides a vast array of expansive resources, entrepreneurial programs, and collaboration opportunities with seasoned experts, will undoubtedly enhance our ability to address challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness while fueling our growth trajectory.

At Ordaōs, we are harnessing the power of generative AI to create novel and customized mini-proteins to help our biopharma partners develop safer and more effective life-saving treatments, that are easier and less expensive to develop and manufacture than traditional antibodies. Seeking the right molecules to develop a protein drug has traditionally required a search through existing molecules. Unlike this conventional method, Ordaōs designs mini-proteins from scratch and thus is not limited by what exists but rather by our imagination, opening up a world of unique and limitless possibilities. This JLABS residency and lab space will immeasurably help to advance our novel approach to drug design.

To learn more about Ordaōs’ novel approach to drug design, delivery of customized mini-proteins, and our JLABS residency, please visit J&J Innovation’s “Ordaōs Bio Spotlight”.