Ordaōs is a human-enabled, machine-driven drug design company. Through partnership with industry and academia, the dedicated Ordaōs team leverages proprietary generative perception systems and reinforcement learning to create bespoke mini-proteins that help pharma and biotechs around the world deliver safer and more effective life-saving treatments in a fraction of the time of traditional discovery methods.

Meet the Team

David Longo

Chief Executive Officer

Matthias Denecke

Director of Engineering

Georgina Colquhoun

VP of Business Development

Ziwei Liang

Senior VP of R&D

Jacob Tourjeman

Director of People & Operations

Tim Shelburne

Chief Product Officer

John Lazar

Principal Software Engineer

Alexey Vlasenko

Principal Computational Scientist

Aly Osama

Computational Scientist II

Luke Martin

AI Scientist II

Max Bluestone

Senior AI Scientist

Tom Murray

Senior AI Scientist

Shane Murray

Software Engineer I

Howard Shelburne

Full Stack Developer II

Jeff LaFrence

Computational Biologist I

Lahari Gorantla

Computational Biologist I

Arezoo Bybordi

AI Fellow

Nilesh Kumar

AI Fellow

Chris Zoumadakis

Senior Computational Scientist

Chris Reed-Asakawa

Senior Full Stack Developer

Steve Haber

Chief Solutions Architect

Obeyda Djeffal

DevOps Engineer II

Alexandru Stirbu

AI Scientist I

At Ordaos Bio, we are working towards a paradigm shift within our industry, and we need top talent to play an integral role in changing the future of medical research as we know it.

All full-time roles are eligible for benefits and additional perks including commuter benefits, continuing education reimbursement, extended parent and family leave, floating holidays, and more.

Available Positions

There are currently no positions available