Disrupting traditional discovery

The current discovery process is built on serendipity – iterating manual processes until they come upon something viable. We aren’t working with small data sets and 20th century biology knowledge – so why are we still using their methods?

Artificial Intelligence has advanced to the point where it can now be fully utilized to decode the vast complexity of human biology. Leveraging Ordaōs’ proprietary AI engine and our human expertise, researchers gain the ability to see critical patterns and connections in their data, unlocking previously unattainable and actionable insights.

We work with generative AI, the latest development in artificial intelligence known for its ability to create rather than predict. We apply these models to biology to accelerate existing research work, design our own drug candidates, and forecast outcomes of future clinical trials.

The Ordaōs Research Accelerator (ORA) for academic, CRO and biotech partners will provide access to our AI models via a dedicated Ordaōs Bio life science and computation consulting team.

By partnering and aligning with academic and commercial medical research communities, we are able to access an invaluable trove of external data that drives the continuous learning of our AI engine platform. The synergistic model ultimately benefits the whole ecosystem.

At Ordaōs Bio, we are disrupting traditional discovery for the benefit of the entire medical research community - delivering a more robust and multi-dimensional understanding of the root cause of disease and answering the question WHY.

We are making the hidden seen through generative AI.