Disrupting traditional discovery

The Ordaōs Design Engine is a generative perception engine that leverages reinforcement learning and proprietary data sets to translate human-targeted product criteria into machine-designed mini-proteins. The engine generates, appraises, and ranks billions of protein sequences, hundreds of thousands of protein structures and properties to create miniPRO™, Ordaōs’ de novo class of mini-proteins. These versatile mini-proteins are further evaluated to provide intelligent feedback on multiple design objectives including protein structure, binding specificity and affinity, solubility, stability, immunogenicity, and developability. The analysis feeds the protein generator and optimizer within a reinforcement learning loop, to iteratively improve and deliver optimized mini-proteins that meet the client’s molecular target product profile (mTPP). Mini-proteins produced by the Ordaōs Design Engine are more therapeutically effective, less likely to cause adverse side effects, and are easier and less expensive to develop, test, and manufacture than traditional proteins.