About Ordaōs

Reinventing medical research through AI

Our Belief

Ordaōs founded with a revolutionary idea – drug discovery doesn’t have to rely on serendipity or be strangled by currently known science.

Ordaōs is a human-enabled, machine-driven drug design company. Through partnership with industry and academia, the dedicated Ordaōs team leverages proprietary generative perception systems and reinforcement learning to create bespoke mini-proteins that help pharma and biotechs around the world deliver safer and more effective life-saving treatments in a fraction of the time of traditional discovery methods. Ordaōs does this by creating billions of proteins and evaluating their properties in silico, to reliably and repeatedly deliver de novo mini-proteins that achieve the requirements drug hunters only dream of. Ordaōs then proves its consistency and unparalleled efficacy by rigorously synthesizing and testing top-ranking sequences in vitro. The result is Ordaōs miniPRO™, a class of mini-proteins that threaten to revolutionize the role of proteins in drug discovery. miniPRO™ proteins provide the power and performance of antibodies, but are configurable, more stable, and easier to manufacture. By maximizing drug candidate delivery speed, novelty, and probability of clinical success, Ordaōs can provide the highest client confidence in every investigational new drug (IND) application. What’s more, clients that work with Ordaōs see a return on their investment in weeks, rather than months or years. Most importantly, Ordaōs miniPRO™ proteins help birth novel therapies that reduce patient suffering, improve health, and extend life.

At Ordaōs, we are making the hidden seen through generative AI.